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- Semiconductors and Chipsets
Here they come: Dozens of new chip-designs—from DSPs to transceivers to tunable lasers to 3D memories—are heading to market in the next half-year. When they start hitting, they’ll revolutionize every kind of communications hardware, from the wireless handset to the optical network core. John Jainschigg profiles a select sample of the hottest new chip designs in a feature aimed at helping product engineers choose the best, and end-users better judge how product-quality hinges on deep technology.

Editor-in-Chief John Jainschigg at 917-305-3360 or

- Fault Resilient Computing Roundup
In order to buy with confidence users of fault-resilient hardware need all the information and analysis they can get. Richard Grigonis rounds up the year’s most important advances in fault-resilient computing technology for telecom and communications markets.

Chief Tech Editor Richard Grigonis at 917-305-3336 or

- Media Processing Boards and Servers
They’re all here: compression, call progress, streaming, line interface, speech recognition, multifunction digital telephony, and more. Robert Richardson and Andy Green discuss the latest media processing boards for convergence application and product development. A special mini-roundup will focus on media servers for the new network and application environments.

Senior Editor Robert Richardson at or Tech Editor Andy Green at 917-305-3345 or


- CT Expo Best of Show
So what is the cream of the crop? Hot from the show floor at the L.A. Convention Center, our editors pick the best convergence products from over 1,000 on display.

Editor-in-Chief John Jainschigg at 917-305-3360 or

- Business Phone Systems
A new breed of phone systems is offering businesses much more intelligent, flexible and manageable control over their telephonic needs. It's time for our annual roundup of those systems-for every size of business (from large enterprise to SMB), and every business topology (large office, campus, distributed worksites, etc.). Robert Richardson breaks down the many choices, giving readers everything they need to assemble a short-list of candidates for the buying process.

Senior Editor Robert Richardson at

- Remote Extensions/Branch-Office Networking
No wonder everybody's suddenly interested in remote extensions and branch-office networking. Whether they work over PSTN or IP connections-these products let you access a PBX or ACD from remote locations-from home, from satellite offices, or from the road-with full feature parity. Talk about coverage. Andy Green rounds up the latest in remote extension/branch office networking products, and articulating the enormous benefits of this technology to businesses of every stripe.

Senior Editor Andy Green at 917-305-3345 or

- Enhanced Network Service Platform
Today's hottest enhanced network service platforms have evolved far beyond yesterday's "dumb switch with a PC brain" paradigms. Now they're vastly scaleable, fault-tolerant, IP-centric, open, web-provisionable and manageable. Richard Grigonis finds the best platforms and shows why they're the royal road to increased profits and reduced customer churn for carriers and service providers large and small.

Chief Technology Editor Richard Grigonis at 917-305-3336 or

- Telecom Security/Access Management
How do you authenticate users? What about toll-fraud detection? Many in the telecom security industry don't know exactly, but they sure want to know who does. John Jainschigg talks with the top security firms, and maps out how they're making this difficult-but-necessary transition.

Editor-in-Chief John Jainschigg at 917-305-3360 or


- IADs
- Wireless Extensions
- SIP & Windows XP
- Best Convergence Distributors


- Voice Gateways
- Interaction Recording
- Cell phone/PDA Fusion
- Compact PCI and Packet Backplanes


- Unified Communications
- Speech Rec
- M-Commerce/Mobile Consumers
- Call Accounting/Telemanagement


- Annual Buyers Guide
- Conferencing, Headsets
- Carrier Billing


- Voice over IP
- IP Phone Shootout
- On-Hold
- NEBS-Compliant Computing


- Optical Core and Edge Network Devices
- DSL and Cable Broadband Infrastructure
- Key Systems/SOHO Phones
- Contact Center Workforce Management


- Application Hosting: Carrier-Grade
- Wireless Broadband
- Cable/Fiber Installation and Management
- Test Equipment and Tools


- Softswitches
- Power Protection
- Best Convergence Dealers
- Fax Machines, Servers, Services

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    - IADs
    - Wireless Extensions
    - SIP & Windows XP
    - Best Convergence Distributors
  • JUNE:
    - Voice Gateways
    - Interaction Recording
    - Cell phone/PDA Fusion
    - Compact PCI and Packet Backplanes
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