VoIP Gateways - For the enterprise: Quick-and-easy solutions for networking PBXs, connecting branches and remote workers. For carriers: new high-density, easy-to-manage, multiprotocol "onramps" let you build scalable, evolveable multiservice networks at minimal cost.

Tracking and Training

Your customers are sending you messages: about contact center practice, policies, pricing, products. But are you hearing them? Interaction recording systems - emphasizing selective recording, data capture, reporting, training - can help you improve agent and center performance; re-engineer marketing efforts, websites - even improve your products!

Switch Fabrics Supercharge cPCI and VME

The CompactPCI and VME form factors are getting a new lease on life through implementation of high-speed, super-reliable switching fabrics like cPSB/PICMG 2.16.

Lab Review :AltiGen's AltiServ OfficePlus

A mature, solidly designed PBX with excellent performance and top-notch enhanced features and options.

Editor's Eye

More Cool New Stuff

The Spring Flush Of New Apps And Revelations Continues.

Muraskin File

The Little Speech Rec Engine that Could

Union Pacific gets empty railcars back to work fast, with a speaker-verification system that hastens their "release" after unloading.

Nitty Gritty

Sun Sees the Light

If Sun Microsystems has its way, the confusing world of electronic visual indicators will be standardized worldwide.


Measuring VoIP Voice Quality, Part 3

If you build a VoIP network, you need to be prepared with standards-based measurement tools.



Mitel's Big Solutions for Small Businesses. GL's Net Surveyor System.

cConvergence News

This Book May Save Your Business!

The Disaster Survival Guide for Business Communications Networks

Industry News

IM Gets Serious. ESPN Drafts Polycom. NMS Acquires MessageMachines. AT&T Debuts mMode. Envox AcquiresShow N Tel.

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