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Online Games, also known as online games are computer games to online, so be played over the Internet. Online games there since the early nineties. The first online games ran over mailboxes but compounds or other non-Internet. It was not until 1997, established an Ultima Online MMORPG. There are now thousands of online games and much more players. Today, online games are divided into two broad categories. Browser-based online games (browser games) and Client-based online games. Browser games are mostly based on HTML. Some also need Java or the Adobe Flash Player. The registration and gambling is mostly free. Client-based games are exactly the same structure as ordinary computer games. The difference is some of the online capability of the Games. Client-based games are connected during the game with a server that runs the actual game. Client-based online games can usually be downloaded free of charge. Unlike browser games require Client-based online game space on the hard drive and have specific system requirements that must be met. Registering with client-based games is the large number of cases for free. However, there is the possibility of certain items to buy with real money. This possibility also exists in most browser games. However, some games such as World of Warcraft are not free. That is, the software must be purchased and there must be a monthly amount paid, if you win Euromillionen it should be no problem. Payment is usually by credit card or phone bill.

Another important point in the subject of online games is the community. In both browser-and client-based games played in the community a very important role. An online game is only fun when there is a large community to do so. The community is usually composed of the players. Besides, there are also some games forums, fan sites, and their own wikis. In the game itself, are usually established groups. The so-called clans, guilds or alliances. The name of such groups is usually of the story and the period in which this play depends. If a player has a problem in the game or the game (connection, etc.), they may turn to the support. The support is the part of the game makes sure that everything runs according to the rules and well-mannered. acting in a player next to it, the support it can be reported. Most of the support team will, however, self-aware.

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