PhoenixSoft Launches ASP Subsidiary

PhoenixSoft launched ComWest, an ASP version of the company's switching and billing products. It targets providers wanting to avoid investing in a standalone platform.

ComWest has two services: ComSwitch and ComBill. ComSwitch supports PSTN and VoIP routing (via SIP gateways), tandem switching, prepaid and postpaid calling cards, feature group D, and international callback services. It operates on the Lucent Excel switch. ComBill is a client/server-based convergent billing service that works over the Internet.

"Technology is improving on almost a daily basis, making it difficult for service providers to stay on top of the latest innovations. To complicate matters, providers are now more cost conscious than ever. The idea of making a significant investment in hardware/software solutions, and the staff to manage them, can be overwhelming," says Travis Patterson, director of sales for ComWest.

ComSwitch also handles account creation, multilingual voice prompts, callback, automatic CDR export, one-time and recurring use charges, multiple bong and maintenance fees, flexible real time rating and tariffing, and ANI authorization.

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