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Siemens Announces Java Mobile Phone Program - The SDK is available now; Java mobiles are on their way...

by Isaac Hillson

Siemens' Mobility Toolkit (SMTK) is available free to third-party developers focused on creating applications based on the Java Platform 2, Micro Edition (J2ME).

Siemens recently announced its intentions to market two new mobile phones with Java: the M46 in the U.S. and the M50 in Europe and Asia. They're after the large base of mobile users interested in instant messaging, animation and multiplayer games. Siemens' other Java phone, the SL45i, shipped in October, 2001.

Java let users download, store, play and exchange applications. The new phones will support GPRS Class 8. The SMTK is compliant with the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) and the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC).

Siemens has a dedicated Web site for developers where the SMTK is available for download.

Further informations in englisch can be found on this site!

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