RadVision Develops Mobile IP Video Gateway

The company prepares for Dick Tracy 3G videoconferencing.

RadVision (Nasdaq: RVSN) is in the final stages of development of the viaIP 3G-324M Gateway that will allow video-enabled 3G wireless phones to participate in videoconferences with IP-based videoconferencing systems.

The Gateway lets mobile videophones use H.323 compliant multipoint conferencing bridges, gatekeepers, terminals and other gateways.

The Gateway comes in the form of a CompactPCI card. It has two PRI ISDN ports. In a viaIP chassis, up to four cards can be configured for a total of 8 PRI ports carrying up to 240 simultaneous voice calls or 80 video calls (based on an E1 ISDN connection).

The product will be sold to manufacturers of cellular network equipment. RadVision says it already has an order from an Asian telco for implementation in its 3G platform.

The 3G-324M Gateway will be available by midyear. Connectivity for SIP endpoints is planned for the future.

Further informations in englisch can be found on this site!

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