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CommWeb is a complete, focused, one-stop information resource that guides business and service-provider organizations in evaluating, purchasing and implementing advanced communications systems and networks. CommWeb offers:

- A multifaceted online community for all communication professionals
- In-depth news, analysis and feature articles
- Essential product reviews and market trends
- Expert opinion and advice
- Strategic direction and implementation guidance
- Technology solutions that make sense in today's increasingly competitive and complex information-driven economy — where communications systems/services and their networks now comprise any organization's most vital collective asset.

Further, by fully exploring both traditional datacomm and telecomm disciplines, CommWeb is legitimately positioned to focus on those technologies, systems and services that are currently converging and fusing voice and data together in the workplace.

CommWeb is brought to you by the online division of CMP Media LLC — a leading high-tech media company that provides essential information and marketing services across the entire technology spectrum.

Content resources include these leading CMP Media publications:

- Network Magazine Where The Enterprise Meets The New Public Network
- Communications Convergence Magazine Redefining Telecom
- CallCenter Magazine Products And Strategies For The Evolving Customer Interaction Center

About Communications Convergence Magazine:

Redefining Telecom

Computer Telephony Magazine became Communications Convergence in June 2001. With the new moniker, the publication takes on an even broader view of emerging communications product and service categories -- focusing on the crucial interfaces: voice and data, IP and PSTN, platform and application, service provider and premise, wired and wireless, contact center and organization, where technologies fuse and leverage one another to offer revolutionary business benefits.

The magazine's editorial tracks, newly refined, let buyers and purchase-influencers quickly find relevant material; the broadened focus insures consistent coverage of every major product and service sector in next-gen telecommunications.

About CallCenter Magazine:

The Customer-Care Industry's Number-One Information Resource

Call Center Magazine is the only magazine dedicated to providing in-depth and unbiased product and strategic information that the powerful executives responsible for improving customer relations and retention through call centers rely upon to make purchasing decisions on the hardware, software and services critical to their success. This respected editorial attracts the largest number of readers in the call center, customer care and customer interaction market.

Call Center Magazine’s features are written by a by an in-house staff of expert writers and editors. The magazine is read by call center managers, help desk managers, IT managers and other professionals who are involved in the operation of call centers and customer support departments. Through in-depth product guides, case studies and special features, the publication keeps its readers informed on the latest developments in call center technology, management and operations.

Monthly features include: case studies, new product reviews, outsourcing and site location features, special columns that offer coverage of emerging trends and research highlights from Purdue University’s Dr. Jon Anton.

If you're in the call-center biz as either a service provider or systems integrator, you must read this book. The great news is SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE! That's right: If you live in the US, you can get CallCenter Magazine free of charge. Just fill out our brief form and start getting the latest in call-center intelligence every month.

Important Teleconnect News

In August 2001, it folded into Communications Convergence

Unfortunately, the convergence of voice and data led to a large overlap in readership and editorial coverage between Teleconnect and its sister publication -- Communications Convergence (formerly Computer Telephony).

The good news is anyone interested in Teleconnect will definitely find a great deal of value in the pages of Communications Convergence.

For further details on the Teleconnect/Communications Convergence marriage, see:

- John Jainschigg's open letter to the industry;
- Warren Hersch's open letter to the industry.

To qualify for your Free Subscription to Communications Convergence Magazine, click here now.

Important tele.com News

Please be advised that Tele.com is no longer being published. For strategic information in the voice/data service-provider market, we'd like to offer you subscriptions to:

- Communications Convergence Magazine -- Redefining Telecom or
- Network Magazine -- Where The Enterprise Meets The New Public Network

Further informations in englisch can be found on this site!

Further News:

Communication Convergence at its best.
This site is about news and communication convergence at its best. Thanks for some pretty good informations on various topics.
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Planning of 2010
  • MAY:
    - IADs
    - Wireless Extensions
    - SIP & Windows XP
    - Best Convergence Distributors
  • JUNE:
    - Voice Gateways
    - Interaction Recording
    - Cell phone/PDA Fusion
    - Compact PCI and Packet Backplanes
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